A World Wide Scam

America and other countries around the world outside of the United Kingdom beware!  Askoption.com is a scam. This is a company based in the United Kingdom. They take your money, but won’t pay up when they lose. I have reported them to the authorities in the United Kingdom. I successfully made $2866.00 from bids. When I tried the get the money I won, all of a sudden the will not return my phone calls. They do have a help service to answer your questions, (as long as you ask the questions they are programmed to answer,) but when you ask them about getting your money, all they say is “Expect a call soon.” They never thought about me saving a screen shot of their website to prove what I boldly proclaim this internet company being a scam. I plan to run many ads as I possibly can, warning world about Askoption.com and their scams and the internet world will avoid them like the plague. The United States and other counties outside of the United Kingdom would be wise to avoid doing business with them. I have tried for over six weeks to get the money owed me. Does anyone in the United Kingdom even care they stand to lose millions of dollars from America and other countries if they don’t shut shyster companies like Askoption.com down when they get exposed and continue to rip people off.

C. Bryant